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Garage Door TypesThe type and style of your garage door may not seem very important, but these are actually essential components to both the assurance of your safety and personal inclinations it can offer you. Durability provided by the materials used, method of functioning, and the level of technical workings is all necessary to consider when faced with installing, upgrading, or replacing a garage door. Here at Garage Doors 365, we recognize this and strive to provide you with the best customer service, high quality materials, knowledgeable technicians, and overall stress-free experience.

We are trained to work with garage doors in both the home and office, capable of installing wooden, metal, vinyl, steel, and many other types of garage door material. We can also provide different door styles, such as manual, electric, sliding doors, and sectional doors. Each one of these provides a different level of security, and different unique benefits and detriments. While materials such as metal and steel provide a stronger level of security, they retain heat immensely. Wooden garage door can stand up to colder weather without cracking or breaking, while also being susceptible to problems whilst in wet weather and salty air. In addition, the installment of a security pad to your garage gives the highest level of security, but can be tricky to use. These are just some of the many different considerations to take into account when thinking about garage doors. At Garage Doors 365, we are here to answer all of your questions and aid in finding you the best garage door for your personal needs.

Garage Doors 365 is open 365 days a year, 24/7, available to impart knowledge and assistance whenever you may need. All of our certified professional technicians are excited to provide quick service and phenomenal customer service. Call us today and inquire about the many different styles, materials, and other services we can provide for you.